Tips On how to use a miter saw

February 18, 2021

A miter saw is perfect for doing DYI projects around the home. But just like any wood-working tool, you still need to use a miter saw with care. When cutting long, curved pieces, care must be taken. Otherwise, users will not only cause injury but also waste a lot of time and energy trying to correct a mistake. Here’s how to use a miter saw properly.

To know What is a miter saw

Miter saw blade size

Miter saw blades are generally about 18 inches in length. Because of this length, it is important to make sure that the wood you are going to cut is thick enough to safely get through the blade. If the wood is too thin, the blade may accidentally cut through it. This could cause a rip of the wood or even injury to the user. You need to make sure that the blade is able to get through the thickest part of the wood in order to avoid injury.

About the blade

The next step on how to use a miter saw begins at the blade. There are two ends of the blade: a blunt end and a sharp end. The blunt end is used for cutting material into various shapes. It is usually made of steel or some other metal that is strong enough to hold up against impact. The sharp end, on the other hand, is used for making angled cuts. These are crosscut edges and should be done while you are holding the blade at an angle that makes for a good angle.

Important of holding miter saw

One thing that many people don’t realize is how important it is to hold a miter saw in the right position. Many crosscuts are best made when they are done from the center of the workpiece toward the outside. Doing this kind of cut from the outside will require you to stand on the edge of the workpiece. It will be easier to do cuts with the aid of a stool or a workbench. If you can’t do the cut standing, you need to have someone place a block behind the workpiece so that you can hold the saw in the right position.

Use by angle

One more important factor on how to use a miter saw involves the type of angle that you will be using for the cuts. While most people think that any angle is fine, not everyone is correct. A flat cut is the best way to go because it will cut the material from any angle. When you are choosing the angle, keep in mind the depth of each cut and the overall diameter of the workpiece you are cutting. Remember that the bevel cuts definition changes depending on the angle.

The final thing on how to use a miter saw should be related to its portability. Miter saws come in different shapes and sizes. Some are cordless while others are corded. Some are powered by the use of a battery while others run on a gas engine. If you are going to use a cordless miter saw, the best option for its portability would be a dual compound sliding miter saw.

The last major consideration is the use of safety clamps. Miter saws come equipped with safety clamps. These safety clamps make sure that your hands stay away from the blade when making cuts. However, it is possible to accidentally pull the clamp and injure your hands or the cutters. To prevent this possibility, it is best to always remember to turn off the cutting power before you get ready to cut.


A miter saw can be an extremely useful tool for woodturners; however, it requires a bit of practice to use it safely. If you follow the recommendations listed in this article, you will find that using this machine properly and safely will help you create nice smooth turns every time. Whether you use a cordless or a corded miter saw, the best way to use it safely is to ensure that you protect yourself from any blades coming towards you and to also keep the area you are cutting away from any other potential blades. If you follow these simple rules, you will be able to use your fence lathe safely and will not ever have to worry about hurt or accidents occurring from your fence lathe.

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