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Know how to use a table saw properly and safely

December 1, 2020


Table saws are helpful to power tools and they can make smoother cuts on small or longboards. But if you don’t know how to use them, your wooden projects won’t be completely successful. So, you should know how to use a table saw properly and safely.

We know that if you are a DIY worker then you simply worry about using a table saw. Our table saw uses guide will help you with how you will be able to use a table saw safely. So, we don’t want to prolong our intro. Let’s dive into the main facts to know. 

How to use a table saw; follow all the steps.

Table saw is very helpful for woodworkers and it can help to make a clean, smooth cut. I am to say that you can do using the saw any wooden projects works. Just you have to follow our guidelines during using the saw. To work with the saw at first you should know about the parts of the saw. Let’s know about the saw parts.

The Parts of the saw

Set up table to use the machine

Generally, the saw machine is mounted on an arbor that is driven by an electric motor. Also, you may use it directly by belt or by gears.

Power button

The power button of the machine is used for turns off and on the machine. While you will push the on button then it will start to cut the woods. And when the off switch is turned then it gets to stop.

Pick the right Blade

You will find different kinds of the blade for the saw. But you have to pick the right blade for getting a smooth cut. The blade is the major part of the saw. Without a blade, you can’t imagine the saw. You will choose the correct blade depending on your tasks.

Blade insert

Picking the right blade, you have to insert the blade into the saw. Also, you may search on YouTube how to insert the blade of a saw.

Blade height adjustment

Adjust the height of the saw after measuring the depth of your woods. The blade will provide high-quality fiber cleaving if the measurement is right.

Blade adjustment wheel

Finding the blade adjustment wheel will allow you to change the height of the saw blade. Also, most of the saw users use the blade adjustment wheel so that the blade can work accurately.


The fence of the saw is one of the most important for working perfectly. Also, this fencing guide is used for accurate and cleans cut. The fence is a guide part and contributes to run your wood along the blade.

Fence dog

Use the fence dog parts against the rip fence. The rip fence is important for rip cutting. The fenced dog plays a vital role to lock down the wood and to tight the fence. To keep tight the fence, this part is invaluable.

Types of cuts

You will be able to standard types of cuts with a saw. Such as, a dado cut, a ripping cut, and a crosscut. Let’s explain about these cuts.

Dado cuts

To make a dado cut set your blade to the correct height. You must insert a dado blade to make through the wood dado cut. The blade height will be 1/4 inch to go into dado cut. Setting the 1/4 inch blade height the wood that you’re placed will be cut the depth of 1/4 inch. In total word is your board will be cut measuring the blade height setting.


Sometimes wood workers need to make crosscut with a saw. To make a crosscut with a saw adjust the fence guide and the miter gauge at 45 degrees. Measuring with the miter gauge at 45 degrees and setting the fence guide properly push the thickness wood to make crosscut. But you have to aware from kickback to being the small wood piece.

Ripping cut

Using proper ripping techniques you can make the rip cut with the saw. Table saws are best for making the ripping cut and some tips you have to follow. Install perfectly riving knife to prevent the dreaded kickback due to some difficult the rip cut.

The Safety features

Safety features is one of the most important subject for using a saw. For a saw machine and users safety invaluable for both. Use the saw properly so that you can work with comfortably and undisturbed. If you don’t work with carefully you may got any injury. Such as, you may lose your finger and eye as well as your body. Safety equipment contributes to protect you and your saw.

You have to wear safety glasses, hearing protection, and perfect clothes to protect yourself. Don’t wear loose-fitting clothes, jewelry, and necklets if wear then can be any hazards during the use of saw. Always you should work carefully and notice what is going to be done. Paying good attention to your work you will get good results.

Set the Blade Height

At the first set, your blade height depends on your wood depth to be cut. Keep away your finger from the blade while you’re working with this saw.

To avoid tears out set up the downside of the blade spot under the table. Setting properly the blade tightly and fully fitted measuring your wood depth help to avoid tear-outs.

Blade setting is the main subject for using the saw on the workpiece. It reduces tear-outs and fights to give a smooth cut but sometimes can be dangerous if it is not fitted. On the other hand, sudden can be an accidental issue if slip the board while pushing the wood piece. So, need full concentration while using the blade.

Fence Adjustment


Adjust the fence perfectly to help accurate cutting along the blade. Without adjusting the fence you won’t get a smooth cut even can make an irregular cut. So, to get done accurately cut by the blade set first the fence. You should stand against the fence and push the wood along the blade. On the other hand, to change the measurement of the wood, change the fence setting. Because the fence is fitted once depending on the same measurements. Finally, we got to say, fence adjustment is important to get precisely cut.

Make a cut

Make a cut

After setting all the tools and to make prepare your saw and yourself, now it is time to start cutting your wood. You can make dado cuts, compounds angle cut, and rabbet joints cuts and you have to rely on the saw for cutting these types of projects. Ripping cut and crosscut also can be done with this saw.

Make ripping cut

To make a rip cut with the saw you have to unplug the saw and firstly have to fit a rip blade. Set the height of the blade so that it can rise no more than 1/4 inch above the thickness of the wood you’re cutting.

Set the right position of the rip fence by releasing the locking lever on the front fence. Take a ruler on the worktable to set the fence perfectly.

Place the wood to be cut on the table and set the alignment. Don’t touch the wood that you’re going to cut. Turn on the switch and let the blade start to full speed. After running full speed blade then prepare to cut. Keep your wood on the table against the fence and push slowly along the blade. Aware of kickback and let the blade reaches ending up the wood.

You may use a push stick to push your piece of wood to cut. And remind that push stick designed for pushing the wood piece instead of your hands.

You should use a push stick to protect you and work with comfortable. After finishing the cut of the wood turn off the saw and let it stops fully. Then take the completed cutting wood piece and neat and clean your saw.

Make a crosscut

To make a cross cut follow above the rip cut methods. Rip cuts and crosscuts are the same methods except for a few different cutting systems.

Set the rip fence guide to making a cross-cut and without a miter gauge blade can make increase the risk of dangerous kickbacks.

Unplug the saw and set the fence alignment, as well as the wood, align along the blade.

Plugin the machine and turn on let the blade spinning full speed. Push the wood and after finished cutting retrieve the wood.


That’s all. There are no big differences to make dado cuts, cross cut as well as rip cut. Using a saw machine you can make all types of cuts. Usually, table saws are used for making the square cut, ripping cut, cross-cut, miter cuts, dado cut, and more.

To sum up, the this saw is more effective for cleaning cuts. Now we hope that you know how to use and what types of cuts can make a saw.

Lastly, thanks for reading this article on how to use a saw with safety. All the best with your woodworking project and wish you to best with your saw.

If you have any questions about how to use a table saw and how do they work. Comment below and let us know. We’ll be glad to help you.

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