How to use a pole saw

December 30, 2020

Pole saw is an excellent tool that helps you to clean your trees after pruning branches. Cutting down trees from the ground by a pole saw is safe and most people use a saw staying groove using a long measured it. But sometimes some people can get dangerous or face problems working on high wood so they should know how to use a pole saw safely and efficiently.

If you’ve general knowledge of using a saw then it can be very easy to use this tool. Actually, it’s mightn’t expensive for someone. Why? Because it is very easy to use and have grown popular day by day. Besides, you can get all the information from here on how to use a manual saw.

How to use a pole saw to cut down tree branches

Pole saw comes with two sections like its and blade both makes pole saw. Here you’ll get the pruner that will help to cut small branches and it is compelling but the pruner is a long saw. You need a rope to use the saw to be cut small branches from trees. This tool reaches the branches easily and you can cut down tree thickness branches from the ground. This pole saw is a straightforward tool that you can make it long as you need due to two or three extended locks.

Techniques of cutting thickness branches

In this article, we are going to tell you how to use the saw and which techniques you should follow to use this saw. Follow the below steps to use the great tool.

Prepare yourself to cut

You should position yourself to cut easily to make fall down the thick branches. So make sure that you are standing right position so that you can get a safe place unless any branches can fall over your head and get any injury. So, to avoid any kinds of hazards you should be positioning yourself in a safe place to cut.

Prepare your pole saw

To cut branches easily prepare your pole saw and adjust the blades with the pole properly.

Blade sharpness

Adjust the blade with an extendable rod of the saw. And make sure the blade is sharped unless it won’t perform well in cutting. So, sharp blades can cut properly and it is common sense that we know.

Pole height

Increase the pole saw height so that the extendable rod is reached with the blade and should be strong enough as long as you need. But it should not too long that can make the branches in the middle part. The blade should reach the targeted edge or portion so that the blade of the pole saw can cut easily and make the proper cut. Handle this tool comfortably from the ground.

Make a plan where to cut

First of all, after setting up your pole saw, make a plan from where should you start cutting. This is because without making a plan you’ll be fell unwringing or bored in your work or you may fall any kind of gathering.

Small branches first

Don’t worry about where you should start to cut and here we’re going to tell you that to cut well you should start cutting small branches mean thickness to medium-sized by pruner. Also, you can get ready with a rope to pull down the branches in a safe area so that they can’t make any disturbance in your work and the work is can get a preplanned experienced person with his tool. So, I have said before that start to cut from small and thin branches first so that the big or medium-sized branches can be possible easily.

Cut properly

Increase the stroke rate of your saw to cut the branches and you should cut properly after making the groove correctly. At the time of cutting increase your speed gradually and of course it must be slowly to high speed. But you should follow that when you’re cutting keep yourself safe to get rid of any hazards. Also, cut properly the branches so that the branches fall down at the right place and you can move or remove all the branches in the right place.

Noticeable things

You should notice all the matters that you are working properly with significantly and what are going to happen and running with yourself and you saw at the time of cutting. Make sure that your pole saw has an extendable rod that makes this tool strong and can cut easily comfortably.

Clear the work area

After completing your work and finished cutting all the desired brunches do together all the branches. Find the right place where you’re going to make together all the branches and it can be you’re preplanned. You must don’t want to hurt anyone to make disturb the branches. That’s why keep all the branches in a safe place. So, clear the work area and clean your pole saw.


Lastly, we want to say you that make sure you wear all the safety equipment so that you can work in a safe position. So, wear a hard hat, goggles, and earplugs, and protective clothing. Clean the area where you intended to cut and remove trip hazards also be aware to fall over your head the branches.

At the end of the article, we hope that our article on how to use a pole saw will help you to cut all the thickness branches. And you will be able to cut branches following all the tips and techniques. Besides, we hope it is the best tool for cutting unruly trees and shrubs. Really pole saw is an effective tool and easy to use.

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