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How to use a chainsaw with safety

December 15, 2020


You may know that a chainsaw is a famous tool that is used forcedly. To stay free from injury and cut trees and branches with this tool you should know how to use a chainsaw safely.

We’re going to provide you a good idea and tips on how to operate a chainsaw while using it. A chainsaw is needed for cutting trees and branches. On the other hand, after cutting trees and branches you’ll need a table saw for your home or your workplace.

But, first of all, for using the chainsaw, you need to know how to use this tool. There many kinds of a saw-like gas chainsaw, electric chainsaw, and battery chainsaw. But, if you know how to use a chainsaw then automatically you’ll be able to operate another chainsaw. Another chainsaw is easy to operate once you’ve used the chainsaw.

We’re providing below 15 helpful tips on operating the saw and how will be able to cut trees and branches safely. Let’s know them to know about this tool.

Safety Equipment

Safety equipment is the first priority for cutting down trees safely. Wear a helmet to protect your head, ear, and face. Also, you have to wear glass for eye protection to protect yourself from sudden flying things.

As well as, you should wear jeans without a shirt, chaps clothes, and shoes. Remember that your protective clothing should be loose while cutting the woods.

Before starting to cut prepare your chainsaw

Check all the features such as

  • Chain tension
  • Power source
  • Bar and chain oil

Make sure chain tension is not slipping off the guide bar. Or, check it is not too tight.

Check the power source if it is a corded electric chainsaw then plugged into a power outlet.

Next is make sure bar and chain oil whether it is reservoir are filled. But if it is an automatic oiler then you don’t have to touch or check about the reservoir oil.

Set a plan

Before starting your work with a chainsaw you should set a plan. Also, familiarize yourself with your workplace so that you can work in a safe method and doesn’t happen with no hazard from any source. Besides, your plan should be properly so that you can work with your chainsaw step by step.

Survey the area

You should set a plan before about the area where you’re going to cut through the tree. Take a good look around the spot and survey the area you’re going to be cutting. Also, make sure there are nothing things around your cutting area so that extra things can’t make any problems in your work.

Decide direction

Once you’ve made a good surrounding to cut the tree then decide the direction which to fell the tree. Make the plan from which direction will lean the tree for felling down. Leaning object indicates you from which side will you cut.

Be aware from kickback to avoid get injury from the kickback of the saw’s guide bar. Insert the lower part of the chainsaw and to start cutting don’t push front side. Use middle bar of the guide bar. Don’t hit or start cut the kickback against tree or wood that you’ve made direction plan. So, don’t use the front part for cutting trees or branches to get of kickback accident.

Large trees

There are many cutting techniques for cutting large trees. You may follow or use other techniques and it depends on you how you want to cut the tree you can. But, you have to pressure the chainsaw bar into the large tree and hold the handlebar with strength. Because chainsaw is dangerous if you don’t operate it correctly. On the other hand, you shouldn’t be afraid for using this saw. Once you’ve successfully cut the tree then automatically you’ll be able to use it next time any saw it.

If you’re a beginner to use this tool no problem follow our steps to be successful cut. Also, you may check the article on how to use a chainsaw for beginners. Moreover, make sure the width of the tree isn’t bigger than your chainsaw chain bar. If the tree is much wide than your chain bar then you’ll have to think of another plan or about the other tool.

Start to cut below waist level

Don’t use a ladder for cutting the trees or branches and we know its common sense. If you want to cut the whole tree then start to cut below waist level that means the ground level of the tree. Besides, to get rid of any risk of injury take the proper control over the tool.

Tips: Remember that there are various methods to start the chainsaw but it depends on the type of saw you have. Choose the best chainsaw for you that can be done your work safely.

After completing the cut

Turn off the saw after completing the cut and let it cool. Furthermore, if you want to use again this saw let it cool and clean the chain bar as well as the saw. After 30 minutes later you should work again with this saw.

Gas Chainsaw

Now let’s know how to use a gas chainsaw

Prepare yourself and your chainsaw and place your saw on level ground. Make sure that the place where you’re going to cut, this place isn’t a wet and rainy situation. Grip the top handlebar with the left hand and use the right hand to engage the chain brake so that the chain doesn’t spin.

Turn the ON button to start the saw and open the choke. After starting the saw and if you’re ready to cut, release the chain brake to performs well.


Lastly, we hope that all the above information on how to use a chainsaw safely is helpful for any chainsaw users. You’ll be able to operate your chainsaw safely due to providing our helpful general knowledge about the saw.

Moreover, you will have to use your common sense if you face any problems but hope won’t occur any hard situation. Besides, aware of kickback accidents and be safe in your work.

By the way, if you have any further questions on how to use a chainsaw, comments below and please let us what’s on your mind. We’ll be glad and try our best to provide you the highest assistance. So, work with your chainsaw safely, and wish you the best.

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