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How to Cut Plywood with a jigsaw l make cleaner cuts in your wood

December 12, 2020


Most of the woodworker, DIY workers love to use a jigsaw for various types of work in almost every material. They know well how to use a jigsaw properly in woodworking. Jigsaw is an effortless tool to operate and so handy that’s why you can use it easily. You may also read my previous post about how to cut plywood with a table saw. And today we’ve come here with how to cut plywood with a jigsaw. Jigsaw is really easy to make cleaner cuts on plywood if you know how to use it.

To be able to cut plywood jigsaw is one of the best power tools in its classes. It has capable of cutting into wood, plywood, plastic, metal, even ceramic tiles. Also, this saw is not only easy to use but also delivers precise results and makes your woodworking project successful.

If you’re someone who is looking for a guideline on how to cut plywood with a jigsaw without splintering. Then read along with all the below steps and should follow the guideline what we’re going to include in this article.

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Read to know how to cut plywood with a jigsaw

How to cut plywood with a jigsaw

To make straight and curved cuts with a jigsaw on the wood board follow all the below steps. These steps will help you to make a cut without splintering cuts and get good results. First of all you should take proper preparation before starting your job.

Safety tips

Safety is the most important while you’re using a jigsaw. When you’re cutting the wood likely to fly particles so you should maintain eye protection.

Set the table

First of all, set up the table where you’re going to cut plywood. The table should be set up properly so that you can work on it undisturbed. Next is placing the plywood on the table and mark a line with a pencil or can set a tap where you want to start cutting. Remember the right setup table will help you work comfortably.

Pick right blade

The blade is the most important to get cleans cut without splinter. You should choose the right blade for cutting your plywood. To get without splinter cutting choose the right blade. Also, measure the blade height according to the depth of the wood. Jigsaw blades contribute to making straight and curved cuts on various materials. Take the right blade depending on your task.

We are recommending using a T-shank blade though all the expert jigsaw users use this blade for getting the best performance.

Blade sharpness

After selecting the right blade check its sharpness to get excellent results in cutting. Good cutting capability blade will give you without splintering. Set up your jigsaw

Prepare your jigsaw before starting your job with your plywood. If your jigsaw is corded, plug in and turn on the switch to start your jigsaw. And if it is a cordless switch on the power button. So, prepare your jigsaw to start your work.

Fence guide

We call it fence guide but others have known it as splinter guard. Splinter guard helps you to get tear-out cutting. If you don’t have the splinter guard in your jigsaw then you may go to the hardware shop to buy this tool.

Use masking tape

Put masking tape on the top and bottom of your plywood to prevent tear-out when cutting. Use a masking tape along the cut line to get without splintering and creating straight cuts.

Draw cut line on the wood

You may take a scale or pencil for marking a line on the wood before starting your job. To cut straight marking lines will help you and give you good results.

Draw cut line on the wood

Set up router plate guide

Adjust the router plate guide on the board lock down with a simple screw handle to get straight, precise cuts. Also, you may move this guide plate for changing the measurement for cutting. Bora jigsaw guide is durable and it keeps your cuts true.

Adjust speed level

You should avoid aggressive or fast orbital setting and set a slow speed level. Without turning off your jigsaw control the speed level to get rid of splinter cutting as well as vibrations. For softwood or little depth adjust the slowest speed level to reduce tear-out cut.

Make a cut

After setup, all the above things place your jigsaw with its blade over the cutting line. Make sure your jigsaw blade is placed right point to start the cut before powering up the saw. Power on and hold the jigsaw firmly in one or both hands wherever you’re comfortable then start cutting. Push the jigsaw and let it go slowly to cut along the line as it can make cleans and straight cut.


Jigsaws are handy and really easy to use as well as cutting plywood. To get the best results you have to follow all the above tips and tricks as well as setting tables, blades, speeds, and woods.

Lastly, we hope that all the above information on how to cut plywood with a jigsaw will be helpful for using it properly. If you have any questions about using the jigsaw leave your comment in the box given below.

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