how long can breast milk stay in the fridge

September 27, 2020


Breast milk is better for your baby. Newly released breast milk is best kept in the fridge. Also, refrigerated is better than frozen. You can store breast milk cleanly and safely in your room in the fridge. It depends on you that when do you want to use it. Our topic is how long can breast milk stay in the fridge. Breast milk is clean and safe. If your room temperature 77 degrees F or colder then you can put breast milk for up to 4 hours. Storing breast milk in the fridge can stop your baby from crying.

Besides, you can manage your stored breast milk in the refrigerator.If you ask how long does breast milk last in the fridge then the answer will be 4 days. You can put breast milk into the refrigerator for up to 4 days also 6 months is best. Moreover, the freezer for about 12 months is acceptable. Although freezing food or milk safe almost indefinitely. So, knowing storage times are important for mothers who are already a concern in feeding breast milk to her baby.

how long can breast milk stay in the fridge


You need to know how to store breast milk in the refrigerator. So you should follow the below guidelines to store expressed milk safely in the fridge.

You should refrigerate your breast milk after expressing. Also, store breast milk in clean breast

 milk bottles or  storage bags that are BPA plastic containers and coating. This bottle can be BPA-free materials which many manufacturers are phasing out due to its uncerain long-term effects. It is important to store breast milk in the coldest part of the fridge and don’t keep it in the fridge door. Because fridge door temperature can be less consistent. Store the breast milk where te temperature is most consistent.

Step 2: Breast milk storage

Freshly released breast milk can be kept at room temperature for up to six hours. However, it is best to use or store breast milk properly within four hours.

Newly released breast milk can be stored in a heat cooler with ice packs for up to a day.

Clearly expressed breast milk can be stored back in the fridge for five days in a clean condition. However, it is best to use or freeze milk within three days.

Freshly released breast milk can be stored behind a deep freezer for up to 12 months, but it is best to use frozen milk within six months.

The oldest milk is melted first. Refrigerate overnight before you wish to use the frozen container. You can warm the milk gently by placing it under hot running water or in a bowl of hot water.

Do not heat any frozen bottle in the microwave or on the stove too fast. Some parts of the milk may be too hot and others may be too cold. Also, some studies suggest that rapid heating may affect milk antibodies.

Although further research is needed on whether previously melted iced milk can be re-frozen and used safely, experts recommend skimming unused skimmed milk within 24 hours.

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How to store breast milk in the freezer

Read on for how to freeze breast milk safely so that it can helpful for your storing breast milk for your baby.

Refrigerate your breast milk as soon as possible.

Already expressed milk can be added to frozen breast milk but the milk you want to add is frozen first. Do not add body-temperature milk to frozen milk.

Store your milk in small portions (less than 60 ml) for easy melting and minimal wastage. These can be attached after defrosting.

Your breast milk storage can be used in the fridge – some products (such as glass bottles) can crack at very low temperatures. Medella breast milk storage bags are ideal for storing frozen breast milk because they are frozen proof, ready to use, and easy to label.

Do not fill more than three-quarters of bottles or bags due to breast milk expanding during landing.

Place frozen breast milk in the back of the fridge where the temperature is most consistent. Keep it away from the walls of the self-defrosting freezer.

Using frozen breast milk

Take care when defrosting breast milk to make sure it is safe for your baby:

Alternatively, place the frozen milk bottle or bag under warm running water (maximum 37 C or 99 C).

Once completely melted, frozen breast milk can be kept at room temperature for a maximum of two hours or refrigerated for up to 24 hours.

Do not soak or heat frozen breast milk in the microwave or boiling water. These can damage its nutritional and protective properties and create hot spots that can rub against your baby.

Should be fed or discarded twice at room temperature

Do not refrigerate breast milk at once.

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Storage tips about how long does breast milk last

Clearly label the date of weaning.

Do not keep breast milk in the fridge or refrigerator door. As the door opens and closes, it will help protect breast milk from temperature changes.

If you don’t think you’ll be using the newly released breast milk in 4 days, freeze it now. This will help maintain the quality of breast milk.

Reduce breast milk to 2 to 4 ounces (or one feed) so that breast milk does not go away.

Once the breast milk has frozen, place about an inch above the container as the breast milk freezes.

If you are delivering breast milk to a baby care provider, clearly label the container with the baby’s name and talk to your baby care provider about other requirements for labeling and storing breast milk.

Breast milk can be stored in a heat cooler bag with packs of frozen ice for up to 24 hours during your trip. Milk should be used now, stored, or frozen once you reach your destination.

Feeding Expressed Breast Milk

There is no need to heat breast milk. It can be served at room temperature or cold.

Here are some tips if you decide to warm breast milk:

Keep the container sealed while heating.

Drink warm breast milk for a few minutes by placing the breast milk in a separate container or container of hot water or by running hot (not hot) tap water over the container for a few minutes.

Do not heat breast milk directly in the oven or microwave.

Check the temperature of breast milk before feeding the baby by placing a few drops on your wrist. It’s not hot, it shouldn’t feel hot

Rotate the breast milk for the fat mixture, which may have been separated.

If your baby does not finish the bottle, breast milk can still be used after the baby has finished feeding. After 2 hours, breast milk should be discarded.

Feeding Expressed Breast Milk


When you are feeding your baby the breast milk or reusing breast milk. You should remember that leftover milk that was not finished yet. Your baby’s bottle can be used for up to 2 hours after he or she has finished the breast milk feeding. Breast milk of the frozen can be stored at room temperature for 1 to 2 hours. Again It can be stored in the fridge for up to 24 hours. Hope overall all information will be helpful.

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