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Best cold air intake for 7.3 Powerstroke

November 22, 2020

This OEM intake system has a high power to airflow. Because it’s the paper filter and manufacture’s desire to reduce air. Most factory system usually makes air intake from the hot engine compartment. Which significantly reduces engine power. Our topic is the Best cold air intake for 7.3 Powerstroke.

Improving the OEM intake system is aimed to reduce the resistance of the airflow. Then increase the volume of the air cylinder. The production of cold air intake systems produce sets of different shapes and sizes. This OEM intake system has a high power to airflow. Because it’s the paper filter and manufacture’s desire to reduce air. Most factory system usually makes air intake from the hot engine compartment. Which significantly reduces engine power.

Improving the OEM intake system is aimed to reduce the resistance of the airflow. Yet then increase the volume of the air cylinder. The production of cold air intake systems produce sets of different shapes and sizes.

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Choosing a cold air intake for 7.3 ford

These airflows can be manufactured both for application and for certain car brands. It’s the main goal of the intake air system is to “feed” more cold and dense air to the engine, and which outstandingly increases engine power. 

Usually, these systems are aluminum and high-quality plastic cones. Such as depending on the manufacturer. Its use tightly fit on the filter element and serving as a shield from engine heat. in this airflow use an intake tube in connection to this inlet opening, like sucking in overboard, cleaner and cooler air.   

Listed to best  cold airs intakes with specs :

Cold air intake uses another advantage, They have a lower chance of detonation. Throttle response is improved, Or fuel consumption is reduced by several percent but in some cases. Cold air particular caution should be taken, when installing a replacement intake. Like when you driving fast, The intake temperature can rise to an obscene level. You don’t install correctly in the system. in some cases, the vehicle doesn’t accelerate, And the power drops.

1.  S&B 75-5062D – Best Cold Air Intake for 7.3 Powerstroke

S&B 75-5062D

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This system from S&B  has an incredible efficiency rating of 99.7 percent. But it’s outflowed the stock intake multiple times! Don’t you can slightly update your horsepower +15-20HP, But also outstanding improve the intake to fed airflow your engine cold, and dense air.

I hope this airflow for ford’s engine bay will perfectly accommodate the system. and sure it will become your engine’s best friend. This intake also has a rotomolded battery tray for OEM units.

This article will helpful for you, this product comes from a dry extendable filter that needs no oil and a large signature clear lid. This filter is safe due to the durable enclosure box. That provides reliable protection from engine heat.

It also has standard S&B’s premium silicone filter parts. And you have High-quality urethane rubber for maximum durability and sleek finish. Is this air system (model#75-5062D) is legal in all US states ( CARB ID: D-590-9).


  • Airflow Rating 53.66 percent
  • Efficiency Rating 99.37 percent
  • The dry extendable cold air intake system.
  • Iso 5011 tested. 
  •  Avoid Check Engine Lights.
  • Premium efficent Silicone Parts And Look Better.
  • Legal in all USA .
  • Affordable price.
  • Large signature clear lid.
  • Oil Amount: 91 Grams on Filter Element.
  •  Filter: WF-1040
  • Street Legal in All US States,
  • CARB ID: D-590-9
  • 15-20 HP gain .


  • Manufacturer : S&B filters
  • Brand               : S&B
  • Weight           : 19 pounds
  • Dimensions   : 24.65” X 15.59” X 16.06”(inches)
  • Model number : 75-5062
  • Manufacturer part no. : 75-5062
  • Floding             : No
  • Materials       :  plastic, urethane , silicone rubber.
  • Replacement filter no. : KF- 1059 

2.   K&N 57-2530 – Top Aftermarket Cold Air Intake for 7.3 Ford

 K&N 57-2530

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this intake needs no introduction.  this means it is K&N! invalid are any arguments. It increases engine power and protects cold air from various contaminants.and an efficient oiled filter for ultimate filtration performance.

this system supplies as much air as possible. never as before your engine breathes freely, its dual benefit. airflow compared to stock intakes more than 50 percent you get to.  and your ford, resulting in improved throttle response and uphill performance ford.

cold airflow intakes its horsepower increase is up to +15 HP at 2926 RPM. it is thanks to a unique rotomolded intake tube that provides minimum air resistance. same time, this filter washable and usable. just like K&N 57 series systems, it can be easily installed. all hardware is included within 90 minutes or less using conventional tools.

if you are afraid about the maintenance or warranty of your vehicle. no tension, you can take a deep breath and relax because its system needs no maintenance before 100 mails and will not void vehicle warranty. like, The previous intake this K&N system is legal in all USA CARB ID – D-269-25.


  • MODEL NUMBER : 57-2530
  • PRODUCT TYPE : Gen ll
  • FILTER MODEL : RC-4780
  • HEIGHT : 9.5”
  • WEIGHT : 10.3 lbs
  • DIMENSIONS : 20” x 12” x 12”
  • VEHICLE MATERIALS : HDPE(high density polyethylene), Stainless steel, cotton,
  • HARDWARE : (4 clamps, 1 coupler) included
  • FITMENT OF VEHICLE :  2002-2003 Ford F250 Super Duty / Excursion, V8 Powerstroke 7.3L


  • Legal in all USA 
  • Easy mantenance and bolt on installation
  • CRAB ID -D-269-25
  • HP gain 14.9 hp at 2925RPM
  • 50 percent airflow compared to stock intakes
  • Powerful engine sound
  • Unlimited engine protection
  • Supper filteration
  • Will not void vehicle warranty

3.   Banks 42210 – Cold Air Intake for 7.3 Powerstroke

Banks 42210

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Represent superiority in every detail on our list, may you get here banks cold air intake was rigorously tested. You don’t think, banks cold air it protected inside its custom enclosure and acts when you start your vehicle engine. Then improved cold airflow for better horsepower +16 hp and torque +32lb-ft. 

your engine protects and saves oil components from damage that all new oiled ram-air intake for Ford 7.3l Powerstroke. your vehicle engine filter is easily accessible and easy monitoring.

You get everything you need when it comes to banks the installation, power, fuel economy, etc.  But only takes one-hour bolt-on installation and the system requires no cutting. End of them, You will feel benefits over your stock intake once you hit the throttle.

This system dramatically outflows stock units and leaves on chances to competitors. It is any driver that looks for incredible performance. Still, It is all available for an affordable price.

yours accommodate your OEM battery there’s even a tray! you just want to squeeze everything possible from your vehicle, Ram air is ready for that.

this product legal is in the USA(CARB EO D-161-100). Otherwise, I recommended you can visit the manufacture’s official website and choose from traditional colors, oiled filters, Or choose a brand new black dry model. and there’s also a cover for filter protections.


  • Model nomber : 42210
  • Weight             : 15.6 lbs
  • Dimensions     : 21.5” X 18.9” X 11.4”
  • Fitment            : 1999-2003 Ford 7.3L powerstroke Diesel
  • All hardware included


  • Oiled air filter element
  • 16 plus HP and 32 Plus LB ft torque gains
  • Tested and valited air intake system
  • Fast installation among of one hour
  • High airflow filtration
  • The huge filter provides superior
  • Standaed OEM battery tray
  • Easy filter access for maintenance
  • Legal in all US
  • CRAB EO D 161-100

4.   Motorcraft FA1759 – Cold Air Intake for 7.3 Powerstroke

Motorcraft FA1759

Check the latest price on Amazon

Now, it’s some different,  when it comes to the matter of Motorcraft, would you know this manufacture is recommended by the industry giant itself.  so firstly, it’s no matter what you’re buying, coz, you can hope for the highest quality and your satisfaction guarantee for every product in Ford.

its parts represent OEM quality and lincoln, mercury vehicle fitment for the ultimate performance of Ford. you don’t waste your time to travel and gas on getting to roaming in some local auto parts shop. but if your filter is dirty and clogged if your MAF sensor is defective, and you Motorcraft has your back covered !!

your truck to withstands the most severe conditions for a long time, the FA1759 air kit will fix position in on time. It comes and complet box & high flow, and these filters as well as a new battery box mounting plate.  

end of this I will recommend, this filter is large and powerful if you buy it you will be benefited from this product. it used in the M1 Abrams tank and this is a perfect upgrade for your 7.3L Powerstroke.


  • Number of part : 2U2Z9K635AA
  • Part number of summit racing : MOF-FA1759
  • Dimensions : 9.6” X 5.3” X 7.7”
  • UPC           : 031508421578
  • Weight        : 14lbs
  • Product materials : HDPE, paper
  • Fitment of vehicle : 2000-2003 Ford Excursion, 1999-2003 F-250/350/450/550,powerstroke 7.3L
  • Hardware included
  • Filter with AIS filter box
  • Air inlet duct
  • Battery blanket
  • Fasteners
  • Installation instructions

Features :

  • Directly upgrade factory
  • High quality and original motorcraft air kit
  • Free trouble and consistent performance
  • Perfectly fits
  • Superior durability
  • CARB approved

5.   aFe Power 51-10192 – Cold Air Intake for 7.3 Powerstroke

aFe Power 51-10192

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For many years aFe has proven to be trustworthy to people. I think this production you should have no doubts about the quality. this particular air intake system will boost your acceleration(43 ft-lb) ford 7.3L Powerstroke horsepower(+12HP) with no problems.

in this product (aFe 51- 10192) intake system features a heavy-duty washable and clear filter that needs no oil to provide ultimate filtration. continue your engine heat-insulating molded plastic replacement tube with pliable flange. as well a heavy-duty 18 gauge powder coasted one-piece heat shield for ultimate protection.

The system is legal in all 50 United States (CARB ID – D-550-4). And you can also here 7 layer oiled filter option as well as you can get  an aFe 5 layer filter here.

specifitions :

  • Model number : 51-10192
  • Dimensions     : 24” X 17” X 13”
  • Materials         : molted plastic tubing, 100% polyurethsnce, synthetic.
  • Fitment            : 1999-2003 Ford F-250/350/450/550, 2000-2003 Ford Excursion, powerstrike V87.3L
  • Weight             : 12lbs
  • All hardware included

Feature :

  • 2 air intake system
  • 3 layer pro dray filter
  • 12 + HP and 43 ft lb torque
  • Perfect balanced protection
  • Battery relocating tray
  • Lagel in 50 US states
  • CARB ID D-550-4

6.   Spectre Performance SPE-9922 – Cold Air Intake for 7.3 Powerstroke

 Spectre Performance SPE-9922

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Today our topic or talking about this product, the specter performance air intake system was designed for 1999-2003 Ford F-250/350 super duty and excursion 7,3L, V8 diesel trucks to allow for improved HP. and making or designed it torque for while protecting your vehicle engine.

this product system features a red reusable low air specter filter.  It uses a durable polished aluminum tube and black powder-coated steel. if can protect your engine specifically for the Ford super duty’s bay to protect the intake filter from engine heat. so you benefited use this product.

there is no problem installing this system and it is not to take more than one hour. so you don’t have to get anything. specter air always comes with all the necessary clamps, couplers, and other hardware for an OE fit. legal in all US States of this product and it is a very reasonable price. The legal card number is CARB ID – D-629-4.

Specifitions :

  • Model number   : SPE-9922  
  • Replacement filter : HPR0882
  • Product materials : aluminum, plastic, non-woven syntheyic, stainless steel,
  • Dimensions        : 14.8” X 24.3” X 9.3”
  • Filter height        : 10.7”
  • Air filter Weigh  : 8.3lbs
  • Fitment of vehicle : 1999-2003 Ford F250/350 super duty / excursion, powerstroke 7.3L, V8
  • Included all mounting hardware

Features  :

  • Hp , mileage and torpue improved
  • Legal in al us states
  • Easy installation among of  1 hour
  • High quality polished aluminum tubes
  • CARB id number – D-629-4
  • Affordable price

7.   MILLION PARTS MP-AIK-016 – Cold Air Intake for 7.3 Powerstroke



 Check the latest price on Amazon

What to expect from this one, if you benefited buy this one. don’t worry I explain this product however you have to understand this product. you can let your engine breathe freely using a non-oiled system. and a sleek 4″ polished aluminum pipe and heavy-duty washable filter are your Powerstroke.

well, actually this product better acceleration for your Ford. so the system was mainly designed to provide highly reduced airflow restriction.  so, consistent air to supply your engine and make better-performing you can definitely count. 

this system depends on your driving conditions but requires no maintenance before up to 100 miles. if you drive in bad weather but all you have to do is blow off the dust accumulated on the filter after continuous operation.   

suppose, now, doesn’t installation to your vehicle, so what you will do. don’t worry, MILLION PARTS MP-AIK-016 is perfectly for your vehicle. to make the right choice it is perfectly saved will for your a long time. make sure your truck fits the system in advance.

Specifications :

  • Model number : MP-AIK-016
  • Filter weight     : 8.3 lbs
  • Dimensions     : 16.1 X 9.8” X 15”
  • Materials         : plastic, aluminum
  • Fitment           : 1999-2003 Ford F250/350 Super duty / Excursion, powerstroke 7.3L, V8.

Features :

  • The heavy duty and washable air intake system
  • Improved power and acceleation
  • Common tools with easy installation
  • Highly reduced airflow restriction
  • No maintenance required before 100 miles depending on driveng conditions.

8.   Airaid 401-246 – Cold Air Intake for 7.3 Powerstroke

Airaid 401-246

Check the latest price on Amazon

This system for yourself with impressive additional horsepower +27HP and torque gains 55 lb-ft using this highly efficient air intake system from Airaid. and your engine dense and cold air resulting in considerably better performance the handcrafted air intake will allow your Ford’s Powerstroke.    

you will know that once you push the gas padel.  the gas unit comes with an integrated battery tray complimented and a urethane battery pad.

there are no problems with cleaning this system. only need a detergent spray, water rinsing, and drying. and this system installing it with some common tools. like, stainless steel, clamps are included.

Specifications :

  • Materials   : non-woven synthentic, stainless steel ,HDPE plastic.
  • Filter weight : 21 lbs
  • Dimensions  : 20” X 20” X 12”
  • Fitment         : 1999-2003Ford F-250/350/Excursion, 7.3L powerstroke, V8

Features :

  • Washable and reusable high flow filter
  • Legal in all 50 us states CARB ID D-609-18
  • Roto model protective shield
  • Easy cleaing easy intallation with common hand tools
  • Mileage, filteration and overall performance
  • High quality large modular intake tube
  • Stainless steel



Cold Air Intake System Filters

it is one of the parts of the cold air intake system is the filtration element, but it’s the main part of the cold air system. this system that provides significantly reduced airflow restriction. this filter made of very thick material from the factory. and such it is not successful in terms of airflow.

Require of replacement intakes, moreover, have microscopic holes in the filter element. however, it allows for much more massive amounts of air to pass. it contributes to the large filter surface also. the replacement filter is up to 5X more extensive than that of the standard filter. 

Are there two types of intakes according to their filtration element media type. corrugated, non-woven cotton media reinforced with a metal mesh is the first type.  and the 2nd type is fine mesh polyurethan. the mesh it has low suction resistance. but it is elements better to retain dust and have a large cleaning surface.

Hence, these filters are used in off-road racing, and it is more sensitive to contamination, but it is less resistance. but the mesh is used for riding through city streets. but it is some manufacture produce double layer filters. and the first layer has large pores for capturing large particles, 2nd layer retains fine dust.

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